Preserving & Promoting
Early Jazz & Swing Music.

About Us

Swing Dance Calgary is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting early jazz and swing music, the dances they inspired, and environments in which people can actively enjoy this music and dance. The forms of dance include Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues.

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man and woman dancing at center of trees

Get in Touch

We’re the ones in charge of keeping the infrastructure of SDC alive, but if you have great ideas we’d love for you to pursue them! Approach any of us with your idea for an event, a gathering, or really anything that would contribute to the swing community, and we will give you some experienced guidance, a website and bank account to back you, and a name. We can’t wait to support your ideas!

Man and Woman Doing Dance Post in Concrete Road at Daytime


Swing Dance Calgary, being a non-profit organization, is run entirely by the help of our members, aka volunteers. The benefits of volunteering include; a HUGE thank you from everyone in the scene (warm fuzzies!), keeping the costs down for everyone including yourself, ability to plump the volunteer section of your resume, and satisfaction of a volunteer task well done.

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TTS Volunteering Opportunities

Swing Dance Calgary is proud to support Toe Tappin’ Swing as a significant addition to Calgary’s swing dance scene. They will be running regular classes throughout the year. Check out the class schedule or give Matthew Isenor a poke next time you see him at a dance. On U of C campus during the school year? The UofC Swing Dance Club runs weekly lessons, so them give a browse.